Some of the things I am learning from nature…

I am finding that nature is teaching me, or re-minding me,of some valuable lessons, about life, or my life anyway.. These are just some of my observations so far…

  • Stillness is very powerful
  • The seasons are equal to any change; an ending, but something new always comes along and is ‘born’, beginnings of new ‘life’
  • Even the ‘shit’ has a purpose and helps us to grow
  • Every ‘season’ has it’s function & beauty, it’s role to play in the development of all that unfolds
  • In the depth of winter there is warmth and beauty to be found and an opportunity to recharge our batteries
  • Patience is not a virtue or moral issue but a fundamental ‘way’ to achieve the best results
  • Balance is required for optimal health
  • Everything is connected
  • Peacefulness can always be found, if we can be still long enough to see it/feel it
  • Living a full, varied, vibrant and rich life needn’t be about experiencing it all and forever seeking new horizons
  • Harmony is simply in being
  • Communication IS happening all the time, do we listen?
  • In nature even the ‘weed’s’ and  ‘pests’ have their place, value and functions
  • Life is more beautiful when we appreciate the details

Life and nature is bursting with energy

  • Beauty surrounds us, sometimes in the simplest things, but often in glorious and majestic ways
  • Nothing is a mistake or ‘error’ (unless it is man against nature) everything has a reason
  • The things that are most valuable in life are worth waiting for, are simple, and needn’t be fought for
  • ‘Life’ is offering us opportunities
  • ‘Observing’ nature or life is not about doing anything, it is about being or being still

Even as darkness falls beauty is still in evidence, if we can open our eyes to it


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