Introduction – About this blog, : My Permaculture Diploma Path…

I have started this blog/page mostly to keep myself right while I study for the Diploma in Permaculture with the UK Permaculture Association.

I should state here that my blog is not about permaculture, and is not intended to represent permaculture ‘thinking’ nor the Permaculture Association in the UK. I have set up this blog to  provide me with  an platform to explore what permaculture means (to me), recording what I am observing, my thoughts on the process, sometimes just my ramblings on life in general and maybe how it could relate to permaculture. Not many (if any) things I say here should be taken as fact. The only thing I do know is, that I know nothing for certain. I believe we should all make our own mind up, follow our heart and find our answers within. Please take what you read here with a pinch of salt, it is presented as my opinions, theories or observations and not as facts.

I am new to this so if you are looking for lots of info and tips on permaculture and organic gardening you should probably do further searches. There is lots of free information on the internet. Hopefully soon I shall have more links, reading recommendations and information that will help steer you, but for now I am a novice.

So, the Diploma in Permaculture basically means starting to put into practice what you hopefully learned on your Permaculture Design Course. I say hopefully because I know how full on the course is and I think we begin most of our deep learning afterwards when we are back in our ‘real’ life and can assimilate all the information. The Diploma then is a way of putting your ideas, learning and skills into action whilst recording them at the same time so you can present the designs and have them accredited.

For me it is a way to help keep me motivated, give me some direction, an incentive to go on learning and an opportunity to be creative with a purpose. I need that, I am a dreamer, an idealist, an ideas person and a bit of a procrastinator  at times!!

The plan is to work on ten permaculture designs over a minimum period of two years and get some accreditation for your efforts ;-))

I am including my Learning Pathway as a design, which will give you more of an idea about me and where I am or where I hope to go, but I am just an ordinary girl, who has lived quite an extraordinary life so far, hoping to expand my knowledge and finally complement all my daydreams, ideas and quirky tendencies.

I shall hopefully update this blog regularly and keep adding to my designs. If you have any questions, remarks, comments or ideas please feel free to contact me.

I like sharing views and hearing how others are doing..

Permaculture design Course with TreeYo and the fantastic students in Sintra, Portugal @ Escola de Terra


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