Re-tracing my steps!!!

photo of the far end of my south facing garden

overgrown small veg patch inherited from previous tenants


Having completed my Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in August 2011 with TreeYo Permaculture in the beautiful Escola de Terra, Sintra, Portugal, I have decided to go ahead with the Diploma in Permculture, based here in the UK.

Now, where to start… I should say I start here as a complete novice of all things land-based. I have never had the pleasure of tending a garden, I have dreamed of it, I have even lived in houses with land, but I have never gotten my hands dirty, so to speak.

So I come at this whole Permaculture concept a virgen, and I have much to learn!! I only recently learned or re-learned that the sun always rises in the east… and finding my north is a big problem for me… I am hoping by sharing my journey as a newcomer then I shall help or inspire others who are afraid to even dip their toe in for fear of appearing ignorant or out of their depth, something I can relate to at this moment in time.

So we travel together and see just what comes from a seed??


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